Fast fun and definitely different!

So, if you’re new to Big Knitting, what is it?


Well, it operates in the field of interior textiles and it’s a rather unorthodox approach to a traditional craft which uses fabulous quality 2.5cm wide, woven wool waste (so it’s all recycled) and bigger (much bigger) than average knitting needles/crochet hooks. Put the two together and what do you get? Floor pouffes in 5 hours, rugs in 4 and cushions in 2.  And what else? A whole lot of satisfaction & confidence into the bargain.   All of our textiles are in kit form; you choose your own colours when you’ve decided what you want to make – you can always come back for more when you’ve finished.  It’s addictive.  I should know.


You can book me to lead a Big Knit Workshop – on the beach, in the pub or at home; a Big Knit Party – hen or otherwise; you can drop in to our Pop-Up Shop at Treacle Wool Shop, Morpeth


I don't sell online but you can contact me directly to buy so come and visit to see and feel the wool!!


Keep your eyes open on our Big Knitting North Facebook for Pop-Up Shop dates and right here for my website development. The contact page will, in the meantime, tell you how to do the necessary.  Ask me for details of anything you would like to know. I will always be happy to help.  And you can always access information on our parent company website for the bigger picture.


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